Gameplay *Note*

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Gameplay *Note*

Post by Silent on Sat May 23, 2015 5:40 pm

The following is the basic gameplay/ rules of the game..

For reference visit the official website.

The following translation is as per follow of the image taken from the main website. So just see accordingly if you do not understand the Icons.

Upfront Rules

1-1 When cards effect conflicts with rules, cards effect will take priority over rules.
1-2 In terms of text, the priority goes like this. できない>しなければならない>する>してもよい。In this case, Cannot be done> must be done whenever possible> must be done > can be done
1-3 Unless the rule/ effect states that the card can move, general played to field cannot move/attack when it is played.
1-4 If all the effects stated happen at the same time. Turn player has the priority to choose which effect happen first
1-5 If there is effect that target opponent field general during turn player turn. Opponent cannot do anything.
1-6 Cards effect resolves one by one unless otherwise stated.
1-7 When effect happen during the same time with multiple triggers, Turn player have to choose which to resolve when effects, after which resolve another before another trigger can happen.
1-8 You can only have up to 1 general in the field regardless is it in resource field or your general field. This only applies to general and not to reinforcement cards.
1-9 There can only be 1 scenario card on the field at all times irregardless.

Preparing the game

2-1 Make sure your deck face downwards and shuffle it. During official tournament, you are allow to cut/shuffle your opponent deck before they start drawing their cards.
2-2 A game of scissors, paper and stone is use to decide who goes first. The player that win get to choose whether he goes first or second.
2-3 Draw 5 cards from the top of your decks.
2-4 The player that goes first get to mulligan any amount of cards in his hand by putting it at the bottom of the deck and draw back the same amount of card he mulligan. You can only mulligan once per game. Follow by second player doing the same. Note* Official tournament has dictated that the first player cannot mulligan.
2-5 After the mulligan, take the top 7 cards of the deck and lay it in orderly sequence and it is treated as your fort. You cannot choose how you want to place your fort in any sequence.

Victory Conditions

When either of the following has been achieved, you won the game.
3-1 When your opponent has 0 fort left and you have conducted another successful hit to the fort and opponent cannot defend anymore with any generals.
3-2 When your opponent has no more cards left in his deck, his following next draw phase lose.

Game dictated fields.

Deck- After the starting hand has been drawn/mulligan and fort layout. It is place face down at top right hand corner. Draw when it is your draw phase or whenever your effects that state draw(s)

Hand- The cards you hold during your game. Maximum hand size of 7, if your hand size has more than 7 during end phase, drop to discard pile till you have 7. Do not disclose your hand cards unless effects states otherwise.

Discard Pile - The place where retired general goes and when you discard cards from hand/deck. Opponent may look at your discard pile for reference during the game.

Fort - This is prepared at the start of your game after your hand drawn/mulligan. You or your opponent are not allowed to look at the fort unless it has been successfully attacked.

Battlefield - The place where battles are conducted. Generals may declare attack on fort or on tapped generals. When cards are played out from hand, it comes to the battlefield.

Resource - Cards layout here are use to pay for the cost of the generals/Tactics/reinforcement. You must pay the correct amount of resource in order for the cards to be played out. Opponent may not look into the content of face down resources.

Icons that dictated what type of unit the cards belong to.

Calvary - Ride on horse
Spearman - Uses Spear
Bowman - Uses arrows
Infantry - Speechless
Elephant - Ride on elephant
Reinforcement - Equipment to generals. Enhanced effects
Main Phase Tactic - Usable only during your main phase.
Battle Tactic - Usable only during both you and your opponent battle phase.
Scenario - Put on the field at all times when cast until another scenario card come into play. Only can have 1 at all times during the game.

TEXT Icons

Tapped - This symbol mean put the card to tapped position. You cannot put a already tapped position card into tapped position again.
2R1C- This mean the cost needed to be payed when playing the card be it a general/reinforce/Tactics. You must pay according to the stated colours. Eg. 2R1C means 2 red 1 colourless. No substitute like 1 Red and 2 colourless is allowed unless otherwise stated. Note: E.g. You are allowed to pay 3R instead of 2R1C if you want. Nation Colours can substitute any colourless but colourless cannot subsitute nation colours.
Main - Usable during your main phase only. Not usable during opponent main phase.
Activate - activated when conditions are met. Must activate unless effects says otherwise.
Passive - activated as long as this card is on field. Must be activated unless affected by effects.
Enter Field - Will activate when enter field unless otherwise stated.
無双連撃 (Musou) - Will activate when you use card with same name/code to untapped your 1 card. This can only be activated once per turn unless otherwise stated.
Declare attack - Activate when your general attacks.( start of attack step )


Declaration of Interception - Activate when your general intercept a general attacks.

Battle Occurs - Activate when the battle has been confirmed.

Retire - Activate when retire. Can be anytime be it main or battle phase.

Battle Retire - Activate when retired during battle phase only.

Attacker Retire - Activate when an attacker retires during battle phase.

Defender Retire - Activate when a defender retires during battle phase.

Attack fort Success - Activate when you attack fort successfully.

Battle Success - Activate when you win a battle. It is not consider successful when your general retire together with opponent general in a battle.

Attack Success - Activate when you attack and win a general succesfully in battle. It is not consider successful when your general retire together with opponent general in a battle.

Interception Success - Activate when you intercept a attack and defended successfully. It is not consider successful when your general retire together with opponent general in a battle.

Dance Mode - Cards that have the dance text and activated when the cards is in tapped mode due to dance.

Trigger Awaken -  Activate when you place same card with same code on top of the general, the effect that states happen.

Awaken Mode - Activate as long as the card has another replicate of the same card on top of it.

Limit Once per Turn - This card has the text that only allow once per turn usage of the ability.

Special Icons (Emblem)

Reinforcement - It is treated as a general card when in resource but reinforcement when equipped. It is also treated as an individual card when equipped to general. (it is not in tapped position when a general declared attack.) Enhanced Generals.

Haste - Ignore rules of generals unable to attack when summoned.

Trample - When battle sucessfully, opponent take 1 fort damage.

Avoidance - Avoid taking special damage of 1000 and below. If more than that, damage is taken fully. No reduction of 1000 damage

Long Spear - Deals double damage to generals with Haste ability.

Unblockable - Cannot be block when declared attack on generals. No interception allowed.

Summon Shot - Deal 500 special damage to any general on the battlefield when summoned. But cannot be use on general with ability that states that it does not take special damage.

Uprising - Turn 1 face down resource face up. Must not be as the same name general on the battlefield.

Patriotism - Turn 1 face up resource face down.

Ambush - When battles between general has been confirm. Turn player priority to play ambush generals. The initial generals is retired and this card replaces it. Only usable when you meet conditions of the amount of resources.
You can only ambush the general according to the country of the general and number equal or more the number of resource you have.
E.g Wei 4 mean ambush on only Wei country general and you must have 4 or more resource

Outsource - When place in mana, can be tapped to produce another country mana as dictated in the text.

Diplomacy - Treated as both countries colours or whichever it states.

Assistant - Assist Lord, Lord is unaffected by any effects opponents controls.

Lord - Main leader of the country

Multiple Musou - Cards that has this trait is not restricted by the normal amount of musou you can have in a normal turn. As long you have the same card and number, you can musou as many times as you want.

Combat Elephant - Cannot take battle damage as long as the battle damage received is less than the amount of power the general with this trait has.

Awaken - You can awake by putting the same card same number on top of the general to activate effects. Not limited to put same card on top on general otherwise stated

First Strike - When declared attack, Pay 1 colourless to activate this effect. When activated, the general will deal the combat damage first, if opponent general health is decrease to 0 first by the attacking general, the defending general does not deal any damage to the attacking general.

Mercenary - You may equip reinforcement card to the general without pay the cost as long the reinforcement is the same colour as the general equipped.

Support - When card with is trait is summoned, you can pay 1 Blue colour to make a general with "Forsaken Tactics " ability to untapped mode.

Surprise attack - When the general attacks, both player may not use any combat card during this battle.

Nation Treasure - Whenever 1 or more face down card is flipped face up, cards with this traits gain 500 attack this turn. This card can only gain 500 attack and doesn't increases anymore.

Continuous Fire - When the general combat win the defending general, you may target another tapped general and give special damage equal to your current general attack and your general take special damage equal to the attack of the opponent general that you targeted.

Intimidate - Whenever the general declare attack, opponent put the top deck of his/her card and put into his/her discard pile.

Defensive stance - Whenever a general with this trait is summoned, you may put the top card of your deck onto any tapped general. All general can only be equipped with only 1 "defensive stance".
When equipped,
The general does not take any special damage from opponent and when opponent declare attack on the equipped general. During this battle, both general does not take any combat damage and the "defensive stance" card is remove from the equipped general and sent to discard pile.

Alliance - Effect take place during in hand, during main phase, the card cost can be paid according to the amount stated in the icon beside instead of the normal casting cost needed to summon the general.

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Re: Gameplay *Note*

Post by Silent on Sat May 23, 2015 6:22 pm


Terms of reference.

Draw - Draw from top of deck when needed. Eg draw phase, general ability. When deck reaches 0 you will lose at the start of your next draw phase.

Play - Cards played from your hand by paying the cost.

Turn - Player turn then opponent turn when player declare turn end. Vice Versa

Turn player - Priority to turn player in terms of decision of attack etc.

Phase - the phase whereby the how the turn goes. Draw then resource then main/battle then End.

Steps - the steps to go through in a battle. Main -> Declare attack on fort/general -> Declare Defender/ interception -> Battle confirmation -> Turn player Ambush -> Defender ambush -> Battle tactics card played -> battle victory, attack fort success all the previous mentiond conditioned met activates -> return back to main phase.

Cost - The amount needed to pay for the cards to be played.

Cost number - The number stated eg 2R1C or 1R3C. Pay accordingly. Note: E.g. You are allowed to pay 3R instead of 2R1C if you want. Nation Colours can substitute any colourless but colourless cannot subsitute nation colours

Nation strength - Represent the colour of the nation.

Power - the strength of the unit.

Subtype - The subtype name of the unit Eg generals of the 5 tiger or yellow turban. Like a sub clan

Unit type - Type of unit eg calvary, bowman etc mentioned previously.

Emblem - Unit text that has the emblem of haste, trample etc.

Ability - the text the unit carries.

Effects - Result of general ability, reinforcement or tactics cards being played out.

Summon - Generals that is summon by paying the correct cost. but generals cannot be summon if the following occurs:
1. You already had a general with the same name in the field
2. You already had a general with the same name in the resource.
3. You cannot retire a general with the same name by trying to summon the same name general
4. You cannot summon a general from fort unless effects states so.

Traits - Icon embedded or gain if the general have it. E.g. Avoidance, Summon Shot

Ability - General Effects/text affecting the game

Opponent Effects - Opponents scenario card, general effect, resource effect that has effects on game.

Own effects - Own scenario card, general effect, resource effect that has effects on game.

Stand - Untapped card

Rest - Tapped card

Attack - Declare attack in either opponent fort or general.

Attack limit - Each general is only allow to attack once per turn. Other effects can be use several times.

Attack Fort - When general declared attack on fort. Opponent can either intercept/defend or take fort damages.

Interception - When general declare defend against fort damage or defend against another general attack on another general.

Defend - When the general that has been declared attack on is being attacked.

Battle Damage - Damage dealt when in a battle

Battle Victory - When battle is won when general does not die in a battle.

Fort Damage - Battle damage dealt by general to fort. If fort damage has effect, it happens. When fort damage is 2 or more, both card is send to discard pile at the same time.

Special damage - Damage dealt by general/ reinforcement/ tactics outside of battle.

Retire - When effects or battle damage dealt is higher than what the general power is. It retires.

Fort Down - When damage is taken, send the card to discard pile.

無双連撃 (Musou) - Discard the general with same name and code and Stand it. Once per turn, you are only allowed to do this on 1 general. The general stand with this effect is allowed to attack once more.

Fort Trigger - When fort is down and card with red text appears in the card that is send to discard pile. The effect in red text activates.

Original Power - refers to the power of the card that is stated.

Reveal - Let both you and your opponent to see and confirm that is the card being revealed.

Discard - when effects say discard, send the card to discard pile.

Forsaken tactics - When used, tapped the general and effects will happen when the general is untapped.. Can be use also when general is in tap mode.

Dance - At the end of the turn, the general with this text is allowed go into tapped mode. It cannot be untapped during the start of main phase if it is declared dancing. Dance effects applies accordingly.

Awaken - Card with awaken text can be awake by putting same card same code on top of the general.

Card code - can be found at bottom right of card. Eg. PR-021

General - Cards that does not have reinforcement sub type when in field or resource

Reinforcement - Cards that have reinforcement sub type when in field or resource

Tactics - Cards that is send to discard pile after using.

Scenario legend - Cards which states "scenario" when not on field

Out of game - When cards is removed and cannot be use in this game, anymore.

Flavour text - the explanation of the general/reinforcement/tactics

Rarity - C , UC, R, SR, PTR, TMR, STMR, PR

This is the end of the General rules/ Game play



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