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Post by Elfin1985 on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:30 am

Hi all, This is my market place.

Do contact me via pm or @ 9616 2383 for your offer.



5-015 PTR 夏侯惇 x2
10-007 SR 夏侯月姫 x2
12-004 SR 王元姫 x1
PR-080 曹皇后 x1


1-044 SR 徐庶 x1
6-034 SR 張苞 x2
7-035 SR 魏延 x1
10-028 SR 姜維 x1
SP-016 SR 祝融 x2
SP-076 SR 張飛 x2 (3-032)
11-088 RB 丞相の教え x1
12-089 RB 徐庶 x1
CP-031 EXF 王悦 x1 (5-029)
CP-046 RB 老黄忠の勇 x1


3-050 SR 孫堅 x1
4-053 SR 太史慈 x1
9-055 SR 孫策 x1
10-050 SR/EXF 陸遜 x1 each
11-045 SR 周瑜 x2
11-090 RB 陸遜 x1
ANV-018 SR 小喬 x1
ANV-019 SR 闞沢 x2
ANV-020 SR 黄蓋 x1
CP-032 EXF 呂範 x1


2-095 SR 紀霊 x1
5-074 SR 華雄 x4
7-069 SR 王異 x2
10-076 PTR 孟獲 x1
11-057 PTR 王異 x1
12-054 SR 龐統 x7
12-061 SR 黄忠 x3
12-063 PTR 魏延 x2
SP-091 SR 貂蝉 x1
SP-096 SR 華雄 x1
ANV-028 SR 張遼 x4
ANV-029 SR 高順 x3
ANV-030 SR 董卓 x5
CP--048 RB 張角 x3
PR-083 EXF 田豫 x2


4-093 SR 朱儁 x1
5-096 SR 文醜 x2
6-092 SR 夏侯淵 x1
8-094 SR 曹操 x3
8-095 SR 袁紹 x7

.... to be continued


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