25th April Playmat Event

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25th April Playmat Event

Post by Bluey on Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:42 pm

April Playmat Event!!!
Format: Booster Draft (Swiss/Top 4 playoff)
Entry Fees: $30
Player will receive 8x Booster Packs:
(1x Vol.2, 1x Vol.3, 1x Vol.4, 1x SP 2
2x vol.11 & 2x Vol.12)
1st Wave: 1x Vol.2 & 1x Vol.11
2nd wave: 1x vol.3 & 1x Vol.11
3rd Wave: 1x Vol.4 & 1x vol.12
Final wave: 1x SP 2 and 1x Vol.12
Prizes: (Pizes pack (Vol.2/3/4)
1st place: 1x Title Playmat
2nd place: 5 packs
3rd & 4th place: 3packs
5th below: 1 pack
#1: Player will mix the pack in each wave and pick a card from it the pass it to the next person. This will continue until each player receive 62 cards.
#2: Player will then form a 40 cards deck using the cards he/she pick from each wave.

Date/Time/Shop Location:
Excel CS
25th April @ 1400hrs

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